Mid-Ohio’s Trusted Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

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Buying Your First Home:
All the Excitement and None of the Anxiety

In this super-competitive seller’s market, first-time homebuyers face a fast-paced and sometimes frustrating process. All you want is the right house, at the right price, in the right neighborhood… right?

How do you know how much house to buy, how much you have available to spend, and how much you should spend?

We love to help first-time homebuyers avoid the mistakes of offering too much, incurring hidden costs, buying the wrong house, or buying too much house. There’s no pressure to make a quick decision with us. We’ll navigate your budget and the buying process together, until we find just the right home for you.

Our 4-Step Process for Successful Home Purchase

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Create a Plan

It starts with figuring out your needs, and how much house you can afford. We’ll help you navigate this to anticipate costs and create a plan to avoid surprises later. We even have free financial consultation available.

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Start Shopping

Now you get to start looking for your perfect home! We will help you find houses as they hit the market, and get pre-approved, so that you are able to make an offer. 

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Seal the Deal

Now it’s time to make an offer on your dream home and manage emotions to avoid overpaying. This is the time when The JS “Bundle of Terms” will aid in your winning the home. Plus, with Jeff as your agent, you get $500-$2,000* cash bonus at closing!

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Own Your Home

There’s nothing like pulling into the driveway of your new home for the very first time. We will be celebrating with you as you move in and enjoy being a homeowner.

*Minimum purchase of a $175,000 home for $500 cash back; more offered for purchases of higher priced homes.

JS is an I Heart Real Estate Partner

As an I Heart Real Estate partner, we embrace the same values of faith, family, and houses. These values drive our day-to-day operations and our commitment to help every individual find the right home, at the right price, in the right neighborhood.

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Integrity and Experience Matter

We believe it’s important to care about people and serve them with excellence. The JS REALTOR® Team brings 30+ years of business experience along with financial expertise—Jeff holds an MBA in Finance. We are skilled at guiding individuals who are new to homebuying to make informed decisions that will set them up for future financial success.

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